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Issued Price to the Courses of Airline

The price of domestic course above provided by UNI AIR; the price of International course refers to the website of China Airlines. If there is any difference, please check out the official website of the airlines.

According to the regulation of Government, residents of Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu regions are eligible for a 30% subsidy on the full economy class fare by showing ID cards or household certifications when traveling to and from their household registration on flights to and from Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu.

Tourists purchase ticket for the flight from the area of outlying islands to Taiwan (Penghu county, Kinmen county, and Lienchiang county), they have right to use tax-free of transaction tax in the area of outlying islands.

Issued Price to the Courses of Airline
Courses Airlines Business Enconomy
Tainan - Penghu  UNI AIR - 1,697
(Full Fare)
Tainan - Kinmen UNI AIR - 2,231
(Full Fare)
Tainan - Hong Kong  China Airlines - -
Tainan - Osaka  China Airlines - -
Tainan - Ho Chi Minh  Vjetjet Air - -

Information for Reservation

Information for Reservation
    Airline TEL Contact Information 
UNI AIR Reservation: (02) 2508-6999
Counter at Airport: (06) 260-3683
China Airlines Reservation:(02) 412-9000
Counter at Airport: (06) 260-1020
China Airlines
Vietjet Air Reservation:0800-661-886
Counter at Airport: (06) 260-3683
Vietjet Air