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Tainan Airport

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Taxi Information
Complaint TEL
Tainan Motor Vehicle Services Station: (06) 269-6678
Tainan Police bureau: (06) 264-0556
Tainan Transportation bureau: (06) 295-3221
Tainan Airport Taxi station
The current Fare by Tainan City Government announcement (as of 2022.02.07)
Tainan City Taxi Service association
Meter start  NT$ 85/ 1250m
Billing Increment  NT$5 / per 200m
Time Increment  NT$5 / 100sec. (speed < 5km/h)
Night Increment  20% day rate added from 11 P.M. to 6 A.M
New Year Increment  NT$50 (At least 10days before the end of holiday.)
Typhoon/Heavy rain  NT$50 added (Announcement from Tainan City Government.)