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Tainan Airport

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Terminal Map
* Passengers Terminal Service Floor plan: 1Fp
  Information, ATM, Restaurant, Nursery, VIP Lounge, Drinking Water, Check-in Counter, Departure Concourse, Waiting Lounge, Arrival Concourse, Cargo Delivery.(Click on picture to enlarge.)
Passengers Terminal Service Floor plan:Outdoor,Departure concourse,Domestic arrival concourse,Security check,Departure lounge,International arrival.(Will Open a New Window)
Departure Waiting Lounge:counter,gate1,stair,immigration,nursery,restroom.(Will Open a New Window) International arrival:arrival door,restroom,quarantine,immigration,ID room,interview room,international baggage claim security room.(Will Open a New Window) Security check:air condition facility,security office,VIP lounge,gate1,exit,customs,bond.(Will Open a New Window) Lobby:stair,baggage check-in,restroom,restaurant,CAL office/counter,airport vip lounge,UNIAIR office/counter,duty room,bank,refund.(Will Open a New Window) Domestic arrival concourse:air condition facility,storage room,restroom,domestic baggage claim,gate2,ATM,stair,nursing station,drinking fountain.(Will Open a New Window) Main Enterance:garden,main enterance,stair,public under ground parking.(Will Open a New Window)