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Tainan Airport

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Framework of Tainan Airport Authority Office
* Framework of Tainan Airport Authority Office
Flight operations, business services, general affairs, personnel, accounting, civil service ethics office are underling the director of operations.
  Upgraded on September 1,1997 to a Rank Ⅱ airport office ,Tainan Airport Office is organized into six divisions: the Flight Operations Section, the Business Services Section, the General Affairs Section, the Personnel Office, the Accounting Office and the Civil Service Ethics Office. There is also a fire brigade under the Fight Operations Section.
Framework of Tainan Airport Authority Office
Postal Addres No. 775, Jichang Rd., South District, Tainan City 70291, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
E-mail tnnaport@ms8.hinet.net
Website www.tna.gov.tw
Airport General Enquiries 06-2601016 ; 06-2601017
Emergency Telephone 06-2601002 ; 2601033
* Functions of the Organization
Functions of the Organization
Director Fully in charge of all affairs in the airport.
Flight Operatins Section In charge of air safety management, aviation noise abatement and compensation, airport fire and rescue services.
Business Services Section In charge of repair, restoration and maintenance of the airport and related facility, including the terminal, the runway, taxiways, aprons, and parking bays; beautification and improvement of the airport environment; traffic management, land use management; airport lands management; airport planning & management; passenger services.
General Affairs Section In charge of airport cleaning, management of documentation, filings & property, cashier, public relations and general administrative affairs.
Personnel Office In charge of personnel management and staffing services.
Accounting Office In charge of yearly accounting and statistical affairs including compiling drafts of budget & final accounts, and budgetary control.
Civil Service Ethics Office In charge of promotion of civil service ethics, prevention of corrupt behavior, investigation of malfeasances and complaints, secure handling of confidential affairs and the declaration of properties by civil servants pursuant to the “Act on Property-declaration by Servant.”